Pros Practice in Parks

Humility is what makes Paul Rabil great.  He is one of my favorite lacrosse players because of this.  Paul is a pioneer for the growth of professional lacrosse.  He is one of the best players to ever play the game.  He is a millionaire who co-founded the PLL and has showcased our sport to the world in front of millions of fans on NBC.  

A guy like this must practice in the finest facilities with the best resources in the world right?  Wrong.  Paul consistently practices in a public parks of Los Angeles. 

Paul Rabil Practicing on Public Baseball Field

The same ones accessible to both you and I.  It really goes to show that you don’t need the best to be the best.  It is no secret that professional lacrosse players don’t get paid the same as athletes in the NBA/NFL/NHL.  So, we have to be humble and work with what we can.

Paul Rabil Park Practice

Whenever you don’t feel like practicing because your setup isn’t “good enough”, I want you to remember that this isn’t stopping your competition from putting in work.   When the top players in our sport are willing to practice in backyards and public parks then you should have no excuses not to do the same.  Be humble, put in the work, be great.