The Drill That Took Me D1

PR Shooting Drill Diagram

I call this drill the “Paul Rabil Shooting Drill” because that is who I remember being taught it by. 

Here is the drill:

  • Mark a spot 18 yards straight upfield from the center of the goal.
    • You will taking all shots in the drill from this spot 
    • Your shot release should be at 18 yards so start your crop hop from around 20 yards
  • Take 100 shots right handed
    • Shoot them to any location on net, try to aim for corners
  • Take 100 shots left handed
    • Shoot them to any location on net, try to aim for corners
  • Before you pack up, you must end with a top corner snipe using your strong hand
    • This shot is still from 18 yards out.  I don't end until I hit within 4 inches of the corner I'm aiming for.

Benefits of this drill:

  • Gain shot power.
    • This drill will force you to shoot a little harder because if you don’t the ball will arc too much and be very hard to be accurate.
  • Gain shot accuracy.
    • Hitting a corner from 18 yards is very challenging.  Trying to do this 200 times in a row will really help you dial in the accuracy.   
  • Gain shot confidence.
    • A regular shot in a game is between 8-12 yards.  You were just shooting from double that!  10 yard shots will now feel like layups.  It will feel like you can’t miss.  I promise! 

In 9th grade I would do this drill every day.  No cap.  I would shoot on my backyard goal for 1-3 hours a day.  That might not be realistic for everyone but it is certainly what I attribute my lacrosse success to.  Practicing this drill helped clear my head and all my worries would go away.  Let me know if this drill helps you like this also!