The Thompson Theory of Creativity

Lyle Thompson One Line Drawing

I have been a huge fan of the Thompson brothers ever since I can remember.  I am the same age as Lyle and the first time I ever saw them play was in High School.  We played at the same Dicks Sporting Goods Lacrosse Tournament in Florida.  

The stories they’ve shared along their journey have always inspired my game.  Something that has always stood out is the tremendous credit they give to “backyard lacrosse”.  When they were growing up they would use creativity to test outside-the-box ways to shoot, pass, and just play the game.  

Photo Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

Too often players get burned out by coaches and parents being too overbearing about how they practice and play.  Lacrosse is meant to be fun!  So get outside with friends and family and let the creativity flow!  You could be the one who invents the next Air Gait or backhand goal.  I believe in you!